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I'm trying some new stuff out for the setup; complain about liking/hating/loving/loathing it here, please. Like my Leige's face on the sidebar? My mum scanned that from the Wind Waker guidebook for me, and I edited it accordingly! I also have Tingle, Phantom Ganon, and a nifty one with Ganondorf's silhouette looking over his shoulder at Link on his silly little Red Lion boat. Other than the fact that it has "SPECIAL PREVIEW" in large print, I love it. ^_^ It's from the pamphlet that came with the Ocarina of Time-Ocarina of Time Master Quest bundle. So fun. Complain if you want to see it; it's on my other, non-internet computer and it can be a pain to transfer a pic no one cares about. Thank you!
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