Grand Admiral Thrawn (dins_fire_997) wrote in follow_ganon,
Grand Admiral Thrawn

you have won another follower

Hey. i found this place through a friend, and i must say i love the idea.

Ganondorf if by far the best villan (and possibably the best character) in any video game, ever.

also, as a peace offering, i come with information that most of you already know:

Ganondorf will very, VERY likely be in Twilight Princess. Nintendo has confirmed that the man who did the voice acting for Ganondorf in the past if going to be working on TP. given the games darker setting, this can only mean that, should he appear, Ganondorf will be deeper, cooler looking, and eviler then ever.

my personal hope is that he kills Link in the end, but the fan backlash makes this unlikely.
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