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im new........so yeah, i love ganondorf. he is so much better link, always will be. my day was made yesterday when i won him as a character in ssbm. i cant get enough of him. he haunts my dreams. once i was his lover, another time he was going to change himself so wouldnt recognize him when he came for me, but then everyone was after me. i dont know what it is about him, but i find him strangely attractive. am i the only one?
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Isn't he just the GREATEST in the UNIVERSE? He's so cool in SSBM; his Tornado Kick is the stringest attack in the entire game, but that's not really a surprise now is it? I don't think you're the only one who finds him attrcktive- I've seen others. All hail Ganondorf, my Liege!
Almost forgot- love the icon! Can't go wrong with Ganondorf icons!
no you can't!

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