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A gift for the eyes only hurts when it's a fork

I made some LoZ sprites in between homework, and since two thirds of them are Ganondorf, they diserve to be here too! Enjoy.(hover your mouse over the image for random comments!)

It’s Link! He’s sporting the Hylian Shield and Master Sword this spring. Sporty!
Here’s Dark Link, with the Mirror Shield!He demands you praise Ganondorf!
This is Ganondorf in his original Ocarina of Time costume. Do you know to whom you speak?
Here’s Ganondorf in his final human-form costume; he doesn’t have the mullet here. Look, Koume and Kotake, no mullet!
Another version of the above, but this time he has the mullet that DID appear in the game. Ganondorf in his stylin' mullet
A super-chibi of Ganondorf from the Wind Waker; I modified the colour of the jewel-metal so it would show up better against his skin, but it's not like you can tell from the image size...Size doesn't matter; he'll still kick Link's ass
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